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Bardford has more than 300 domestic product research and development teams, including 5 experts, 3 doctors, 33 masters, and 245 undergraduates. They are distributed in technical positions such as product development, application research, technical services, and factory support. Among them, experts include senior experts Toshima and Xian (Japanese senior experts, good at breaking through the problems of emulsion polymerization), etc. As the core leader of R&D, the R&D center has been devoted to the introduction and training of professional talents, and has conducted a number of provinces and cities nationwide. Colleges and universities conduct professional introduction of counterparts, and at the same time absorb a large number of talents from peers and upstream and downstream enterprises.


In 2018, the total area of ​​the new R&D building was about 5000 square meters, with a total of five floors. It has established comprehensive supporting hardware facilities such as a synthesis laboratory, an application testing room, a paint research room, a large instrument room, and a precision instrument analysis room. It also has a Shanghai laboratory and a technical department in Changshu to provide a multi-dimensional experimental verification base.


The R&D center pays attention to product planning. Since the company was founded, it has independently developed a variety of products such as high scrub resistance, low odor APEO-free, super stain resistance elasticity, high transparency, stability, colorful, self-matte finish, etc., leading the development of the industry. The complete product layout and supporting solutions such as the wall subdivision product line, real stone paint, elasticity, colorful, cover, primer and other external wall product lines, waterproof product lines, etc., make Bardford always stand at the forefront of the domestic dairy industry .


The R&D center focuses on creating a technology development platform, and has won honorary titles such as a high-performance, environmentally friendly emulsion production-university-research demonstration base for special coatings, a high-performance emulsion polymer, an engineering technology research center, and a provincial enterprise technology center. , Sun Yat-sen University and many other universities have established long-term cooperative relations.


The R&D center focuses on product innovation, and specifically sets up an innovative product development team and a cutting-edge research team to introduce innovative concepts such as self-cleaning, quick-drying, ultra-fouling resistance, and ultra-scrubbing resistance. Sustainable development; the exterior wall is striding towards high pollution resistance and resource conservation. At the same time, it has reached a close joint development strategic cooperation with customers to adapt product innovation to the actual application market, lead the industry, and continuously create high quality to bring customers Value products.


Bardford has established comprehensive supporting hardware facilities such as synthesis laboratory, application testing room, paint research room, large instrument room and precision instrument analysis room.


The main key laboratories are introduced as follows:


Ø Product synthesis laboratory: with more than 200 sets of synthesis equipment, it has the advantages of fast product development cycle, timely customer feedback adjustment, and supporting the development and upgrade of a full range of product;


Ø Application testing laboratory: has more than 100 sets of testing equipment, including outdoor exposure areas, QSUN/QUV, salt spray box, aldehyde removal chamber, construction room, constant temperature and humidity room, low temperature tensile machine, high and low temperature test chamber, etc. Follow up the needs of market customers, quickly match the application of product development, and improve and improve the advantages of the application database;


Ø Precision instrument analysis room: With complete analytical instruments, it has the advantages of rapid output of physical and chemical properties of products, data protection of environmental protection performance, and accurate analysis of ingredients.






As a promoter of China's architectural emulsion business, for more than 20 years, Bard's rich people have always insisted on customer-centricity, and constantly develop and improve themselves.


Today, Bardford has a headquarters, six major production bases, and an annual design capacity of one million tons. Relying on its leading edge in the construction emulsion industry, it has created a pattern of multi-sector collaborative development and continuously cultivated new business growth points.


Here, senior experts in the industry are leading the program, and more than 200 scientific elites are fully committed to inject surging power into technological innovation.


Here, 8 professional laboratories and hundreds of R&D test equipment covering the entire system R&D and testing needs from emulsion to paint provide strong support for technological innovation


Bardford has formed 7 major innovation platforms and obtained a total of 40 invention patents. It has strong technical competitiveness in the three major areas of waterproofing, exterior walls and interior walls.


Green environmental protection and higher performance are the future of architectural emulsions. Badfu is willing to work with you to achieve a better tomorrow with every day of innovation!

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