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"Stand by virtue and create brilliance together-2019 Guan Peisheng Orientation Meeting" ended successfully

   "Stand by virtue and create brilliance together-2019 Guan Peisheng Orientation Meeting" was held on July 16th in the multifunctional hall of Jinfeng Dormitory. The aim is to help 92 newly-trained Peifu students understand the company's cultural background and development direction, and feel the care and attention of all levels of the company for this year's Guan Peisheng, in order to establish their confidence in long-term rooted development.


group photo



  In this orientation meeting, Wang Jun colleagues were invited as moderators. She is dressed in military uniform, heroic and brisk, her voice is loud and her aura is fully open. She introduces you to the orientation process and orientation.

  With the powerful rhythm, the on-site leaders and all Guan Peisheng sang the national anthem together, and thanked the revolutionary pioneers for their hard work and sacrifice, which brought a stable and peaceful life to the motherland.

Recite the "Discipline Regulations"

  Recite the "Disciple Rules", and hope that everyone will be loyal and loyal, and treat the ancient sages, parents and teachers, and all things in the world with a sincere and respectful heart.

Group Executive Vice President Mr. Gong Yanglong made a speech

  Mr. Gong said: Persevere in the spirit of "facing difficulties and daring to face them; facing the so-called "unfairness" and being able to look down on; facing grievances, never giving in and not giving up". At the same time, we must develop the habit of "making goals and making plans around them" so that we can work more clearly. In the future, everyone will be a knowledge worker. The most important thing is time management. Planning and goals will help to arrange time scientifically and reasonably. The goal of the first stage of Guan Peisheng, who is here, is: how to become a professional, which deserves your deep consideration. This training is designed to help everyone quickly understand the company's culture, familiar with the company's rules and regulations, and the company's basic business before entering the job position. I hope you will cherish this learning opportunity, study and summarize carefully, learn what you have, and have a bright future in Bud!


Ms. Shi Haijing, COE Director of Human Resources Center, introduced the project

  President Shi introduced from four aspects: project background and objectives, training plan, overall training arrangement, implementation steps and measures. This project cultivates the educational concept of "being a man before doing a thing", which is divided into three stages: military training + internal training + traditional culture, and cultivates excellent talents with the characteristics of "capable, capable and capable". Adhering to the assessment principle of "strict selection and unqualified appointment", we have selected and cultivated a new force suitable for the company.


Issue letter of appointment & flag

  Every team with combat effectiveness is inseparable from a group of responsible and responsible high-quality cadres. In order to effectively promote the training work of the 2019 Guan Peisheng special training camp, the leader of the Badford Group appointed the group vice president Tan Mr. Jian and Ms. Huang Yuping, assistant to the president of the group, came to our class as head teacher. Mr. Liang Qiansheng, President of the Group, issued letters of appointment and officially gave flags to the two class teachers.

  The team of Guan Peisheng responded to the company with the slogan "Responsibilities, mission must be achieved, virtue to stand up, create brilliant together" and a loud song, showing the company their confidence and determination!


Representative of Peisheng Guan

  Tang Fubing, a student from Southwest Petroleum University, showed great enthusiasm, showing the vigor and vigour of Guan Peisheng in 2019. In his sincere sharing, he talked about the "four hearts": the heart of responsibility, the heart of progress, the heart of bravery, The grateful heart is similar to our "Five Hearts" by Bad Fu. We believe in him and our Guan Peisheng will definitely do it.


Guan Peisheng swears

  Clenched a fist in the right hand and swore aloud:

  I will cherish this learning opportunity with gratitude. To this end, I will devote myself to it, think positively, communicate sincerely, be willing to share, conscientiously summarize, and apply what I have learned. I will actively apply what I have learned to work practice, consolidate the learning effect, and constantly improve my mentality and work skills! For learning, I will go all out!
  Dare to promise, dare to challenge, for learning, let us go all out!


Message from Mr. Liang Qiansheng, President of the Group


  At the end of the orientation meeting, President Liang said with great emphasis: We are in the era of the great rejuvenation and the rise of the motherland. We have opportunities and also have many difficulties. Just like mountain climbing, there will be dangers on the way and will consume our physical strength, but after reaching the summit, it will be another kind of scenery and another kind of enjoyment. Therefore, I hope that everyone will be mentally prepared, and there will be no one-size-fits-all things. There is an old saying: Losing money is a blessing. We must have the courage to take responsibility in our daily work. Now, we have truly left the protection of our parents and schools, and the study is very hard, but the hardship and difficulty after entering the society may be more than ten times more, but when you take the initiative to adapt to it, you will become smoother and more confident. , The more proud. I hope you all have a hard-working spirit. Keep in mind the ancient lesson of "There are doubts and notes" in the "Disciple Rules". During the training process, if you have any questions, you must record them and find the answer slowly.

   "Stand by virtue, create brilliant together", with the successful conclusion of the orientation meeting, the horn of the expedition has also officially sounded! We believe that the 2019 Guan Peisheng will definitely use today's hard work and hard work to achieve tomorrow's dream! We will be able to take root and grow vigorously on this rich soil of Bad Fu, and open up their splendid career path, and together with all colleagues of the company, create a new glory!


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