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Talent strategy: Vision to attract talents, mission gathering talents, training and training talents, cultural retention talents


Employee's philosophy: Hundreds of rivers and rivers, industry gathered strengths, self-cultivation and virtue


Talent concept: have good moral character, make every effort, the employees who work hard continuously are talents


Talent Training: White Swan Program, Guan Peisheng 123 Accelerated Training Program, Golden Seed Project, Tie Program, Monthly Lecture Hall, Wuhuahua Special Training Camp, Breast Lion Training, Cub Training, Blue Lion Training, Male Lion Training, Lion Wang training, salesman onboarding training, marketing staff "Tianlong eight steps" advanced training project, marketing staff Jinggangshan development training camp in spring, all three-day special training camp training for manufacturing staff


Talent development: the development of grassroots supervisors based on management capabilities, the development of professional technical talents based on job qualifications, the development of sales talents based on business stratification, and the development of management talents based on 3A evaluation, etc.

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