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Heavy! Important "information" from China International Coatings Conference

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  • Time of issue:2020-04-11
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Heavy! Important "information" from China International Coatings Conference

(Summary description)The important "information" from the paint conference was held from April 9 to 10, which was hosted by the China Paint Industry Association and co-organized by the BATF Group. As the global epidemic raged, the conference coordinated the resources of all parties and created a precedent for large-scale online meetings in the paint industry.

  • Categories:Company News
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  • Time of issue:2020-04-11
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Important "information" from the paint conference

From April 9th to 10th, the 2020 China International Coatings Conference, hosted by the China Coatings Industry Association and co-organized by the Barbados Group, arrived as scheduled. As the global epidemic raged, the conference coordinated the resources of all parties and created a precedent for large-scale online meetings in the paint industry. Ms. Sun Lianying, President of the China Coatings Industry Association, under the title of "Striving to Create a New Situation of High-Quality Development in the Chinese Coatings Industry", conducted a comprehensive analysis and interpretation of the paint industry's economic performance in 2019 and opportunities and challenges in 2020. Mr. Liang Qiansheng, President of BATF Group, was invited to address the conference.

▲Sun Lianying, President of China Coatings Industry Association

▲Mr. Liang Qiansheng, President of BATF Group

1. Why did the conference focus on the "three major sectors"?

The meeting focused on the "three major sectors" of "policy leading industry development, market-driven industrial upgrading, technological innovation and environmental protection".

①Policy Policy not only brings direction, but also brings new opportunities to the paint industry. The state insists on housing and housing, and real estate will not decline significantly. The collection and decoration of hardcover rooms will benefit large enterprises and high-quality medium-sized enterprises. The transformation of the old city will be accelerated, and local companies with certain foundations and scales will benefit from this policy.

② Take market demand as the guide and customer as the center. Consumers' requirements for quality, environmental protection, health and function have been further improved, and consumption has been continuously upgraded, bringing vitality to small and beautiful, small and specialized small and medium-sized enterprises. New concepts, innovative products brought by new technologies, interior wall art coatings, and exterior wall imitation stone coatings will be favored by more and more discerning consumer groups because they are more beautiful, more individual, and better.

③Technical innovation is fundamental. It is unsustainable to keep a close eye on the low-end market, fight price wars, squeeze the prices of raw materials, and squeeze the creativity of the entire industry. Increasing investment in R&D and environmental protection and driving the virtuous cycle of the industry with innovation are the high-quality development.

2. The coatings industry is moving towards more maturity and developing towards high quality

In the keynote report, Ms. Sun Lianying, president of the China Coatings Industry Association, said that in 2019, the annual output of the paint industry will reach 24.38 million tons, an increase of 2.6% year-on-year; main business income will reach 313.232 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 0.6%; 22.953 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 9.4%. Throughout the year, the overall operation was stable, progressed steadily, and progressed steadily. Difficulties are always temporary. The long-term fundamentals and internal upward trend of our economy have not changed, and we will see rainbows after the storm!

At present, China's annual output of coatings is steadily ranking first in the world, and its profitability is constantly improving. Gradually realize the transition from a big paint country to a strong paint country, and high-quality development has become an industry trend. Product function upgrades, environmental performance upgrades, and service upgrades are constantly integrated into the company's development strategy. To this end, the China Coatings Conference specially established the "Science and Technology Achievement Appraisal Working Committee"

▲Starting ceremony of the Scientific and Technological Achievements Appraisal Working Committee

3. Trend: consumption upgrade is unstoppable

From the perspective of demand, in recent years, the sustainable development direction led by health, environmental protection and energy saving has increasingly become the first demand of consumers. Consumer demand for product environmental protection, function, quality and decoration is constantly escalating. Consumer groups with the post-80s and post-90s as the mainstream are more enamored with personalized consumption. Home improvement art paint, exterior wall imitation stone paint wind up. From a policy perspective, the national environmental protection standards for enterprises are constantly improving, and the requirements for industrial wastewater and waste disposal are becoming more and more strict, which also forces coating companies to face environmental transformation and upgrading.

4. Decryption: Five measures taken by BATF

In his speech, Mr. Liang Qiansheng, President of the BATF Group, said that this year is the 20th anniversary of the establishment of BATF. We set 2020 as the "Thanksgiving Year" and want to express our gratitude to the entrepreneurs in the paint industry. We also look forward to the next two decades, we can better serve customers and contribute to the healthy development of the coating industry chain. Therefore, in recent years, we have practiced our internal skills and carried out a series of ideological and cultural reforms and management system changes.


In terms of ideological and cultural construction, we are determined to "create excellence and be a respected enterprise". This represents an attitude of ours, always on the way to pursue more excellence, never satisfy the status quo, never stop self-innovation and breakthrough; return to the original intention, our mission is to create value for customers, seek happiness for employees, Society contributes, we know that customers are the reason for our existence, and employees are the foundation of our survival, and society is the soil for our development.

In terms of management system construction, we insist on learning advanced management concepts and methods. Breaking empiricism, we have carried out a series of business changes such as integrated supply chain management reform ISC, integrated product development reform IPD, human resources three pillar reform and so on. In terms of talent management, we have introduced a group of high-end talents in R&D, production, marketing, and operations. Form an echelon of talents for the system and continuously inject fresh blood into the company.

In terms of marketing strategy, we insist on being an "overall solution provider of water-based coatings", and strive to connect upstream and downstream to provide better products and more efficient services for the coating industry. Respond quickly during the epidemic situation, grasp the needs of customers through the Internet, telephone and other channels, overcome difficulties, ensure supply, and help customers formulate a reasonable stocking plan.

In terms of supply network layout, we actively optimize the nationwide supply network outlets and shorten the supply radius. The newly built Cangzhou plant will also be officially put into production this month, and the strategic layout of the national market has been initially realized.

In terms of product technology, we actively respond to the old city renovation and refurbishment policy and launch products with high cost performance, environmental protection, easy construction and easy maintenance. Strengthen the development of functional products, respond to customers' individual needs, and empower customers' product technology. Aiming at the new national infrastructure direction, strengthen the research and development and launch of water-based industrial products to create new business growth points for customers.

BATF  insists on customer-centricity and the mission of creating value for customers. BATF actively seeks change from three directions: product technology, market service, and management, to face difficulties and respond to crises. We believe that as long as the upstream and downstream of the industry chain join hands, we will surely turn the crisis into an opportunity. Strive to open the situation with one heart, move forward, and make progress steadily!

Thanks for having you, and grateful colleagues!

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