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New strategy • New product • New development

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New strategy • New product • New development

(Summary description)“迟日江山丽,春风花草香”,2019年4月21日,由巴德富集团主办,以“新战略•新产品•新发展”为主题的巴德富2019战略暨新品发布会(重庆站),在山城重庆市维景国际大酒店隆重举行。来自西南地区的新老客户代表及巴德富集团领导共计200余人出席了本次大会,共议涂料行业发展趋势,共商2019年合作大计。

  • Categories:Company News
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  • Time of issue:2019-04-29
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"Late Sun, Jiangshan Li, Spring Breeze Flowers and Grasses", April 21, 2019, hosted by the Bardford Group, with the theme of "New Strategy • New Product • New Development", the Bardford 2019 Strategy and New Product Launch Conference (Chongqing Station), grandly held at the Grand Metropark Chongqing Grand Hotel. A total of more than 200 people, including new and old customer representatives from Southwest China and leaders of the Bardford Group, attended the conference to discuss the development trend of the coating industry and discuss cooperation plans for 2019.

Bardford's 2019 Strategy and New Product Launch (Chongqing Station) Group Photo



Conference articles


This conference kindly invited Mr. Li Fu, Secretary-General of Chongqing Paint and Coating Industry Association, Mr. Zhang Mai, Deputy Secretary-General, Mr. Wang Weidong, Chairman of the Professional Committee of Building Waterproof Engineering (Materials) of Chongqing Building Materials Association, and Mr. Luo Xiaosheng, Secretary-General to visit and guide. Senior executives such as Mr. Zhou Wei, Vice President of Bardford Group, Mr. Chen Xianghui, Vice President, Mr. Zhang Xiaowu, General Manager of Marketing System, Mr. Liu Lei, Director of Operations Management Department, and Mr. Li Shaohua, Director of Southwest Region attended the meeting.

The scene of Badfu's 2019 Strategy and New Product Launch Conference (Chongqing Station)



Mr. Zhou Wei, Vice President of Group Marketing


President Zhou expressed his warmest welcome and sincere gratitude to all guests, and thank you for your support and trust in Bad Fu for many years. President Zhou pointed out that since its establishment in 2000, Badfu has always been focusing on customer needs and continuously developing and improving itself. Today, Badfuse has ranked first in market share for several consecutive years, and has already possessed the country’s first complete supply chain system, and has deployed six major production bases in the country; it has the country’s first-scale R&D system and constantly provides customers with the latest The overall coating solution; has the nation's first marketing service network, serving ten thousand customers nationwide. Today's Bad Fu is already an industry leader. Although it has made some achievements, it feels pressure.

With the overcapacity in the paint market, national environmental protection policies, market consumption upgrades, etc., industry competition will further intensify. An excellent enterprise can only survive and develop by actively seeking changes and adapting to changes, and then it can walk with the times. At the same time, Bad Fu is also strengthening his body and practicing his internal skills. To this end, Bardford has made careful preparations, and carried out comprehensive changes such as IPD R&D changes, integrated supply chain changes, and human resources changes in the management system; in terms of talent preparation, we have introduced a group of R&D, production, management, Human resources, marketing and other professional high-end talents, and a considerable number of management training programs; in terms of business planning, we have proposed a "water-based paint overall solution provider", the business from building interior and exterior wall paint to the whole house water-based solutions, Facilitate the rising tide of water-based.

Facing new industry opportunities and challenges, Bard is full of ambitions and responsibilities. Only by not forgetting the original intention, working together in the same boat, standing taller, seeing further, and walking more realistically, will we have a better tomorrow!

Message from Mr. Zhou, Vice President of Bardford Group


Experts in the coating industry share industry trends

This conference kindly invited Mr. Li Fu, Secretary General of Chongqing Paint Coating Industry Association, Mr. Zhong Youli, General Manager of Sales of Jiangmen Riyang Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. and Mr. Shi Qinglin, General Manager of Zhitao Qinglin Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. to share.

At this conference, Mr. Li Fu conducted a report on "Analysis of Regional Industry Development Trends". He said that Bardfu adhered to technological innovation and promoted the development of the western coatings industry. He expressed to Bardfu on behalf of the Chongqing Paint Coating Industry Association Sincere gratitude. And emphasized that in the later period of the 13th Five-Year Plan, the state will increase supervision and control over the production and discharge of coatings, and at the same time increase the application and promotion of water-based coatings. At the same time, Mr. Li Fu mentioned that in the first quarter of 2019, Chongqing achieved a regional GDP of 51.230 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 6%. The city's economy has continued a good development trend of steady progress. He said that paint companies must accelerate the pace of industrial upgrading and optimize product structure in order to take advantage of the rapid development of Chongqing's economy!

Analysis Report of "Development Trends of Regional Industries"

Mr. Li Fu, Secretary General of Chongqing Paint Coating Industry Association


Mr. Zhong Youli shared the course of "Internal Wall Coating Development Trend" at this conference. He said that with the rapid development of the art coating industry, product color standardization is the future market trend. In the future, through the application of high-tech computer color matching equipment and modern display promotion methods, combined with the designer's control of space and color matching, consumers can freely choose the artistic effect that suits their personality and suits their own home atmosphere. At the same time, he emphasized that environmental protection and clean taste, high permeability primer, thick coating and anti-crack and waterproof, anti-adhesion topcoat, high gloss and yellowing resistant cover, zero taste and net addition, aldehyde removal and stain resistance are the performance of future art coating products. Seven needs.

Report on "Internal Wall Coating Development Trend"

Mr. Zhong Youli, General Manager of Sales, Jiangmen Riyang Decoration Materials Co., Ltd.


      Mr. Shi Qinglin shared the course of "Small and Medium-Sized Tu Enterprise Development Recommendations" at this conference. He pointed out that as China's economy has shifted from high-volume growth to high-quality development, China's private economy has also transitioned to a stage of transformation and upgrading, and reform and development. For paint companies, especially small and medium-sized paint companies, they must "innovate and adapt, move forward", innovate from the four aspects of marketing, training, R&D, and management, focus on end users, do differential marketing, strengthen construction capabilities, and practice Good execution, but also to avoid falling into vicious competition at low prices. "Creating value" and "accurate differentiation" are the roots of the company's breakthrough and rebirth, in order to achieve adversity breakthrough and leapfrog development!

Course Sharing of "Suggestions for Development of SMEs

Shi Qinglin, general manager of Zhitao Qinglin Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd.


Strategic planning, new product market trend sharing

The executives of the Bardford Group conducted a detailed analysis and summary of the company's development strategy, exterior wall coating product development trends, waterproof market trends, and water-based industrial paint market trends.

Mr. Chen Xianghui, vice president of Bardford, said that as a leader in the emulsion industry, Bardford has a detailed and comprehensive analysis of upstream raw material suppliers, downstream coatings market, real estate market and national macro economy. In the future, Bardford will vigorously support new Old customers, hold hands with customers and develop together!

Mr. Wei Rong, senior manager of the marketing department of the Bardfu Group, said that as the largest manufacturer of architectural coating emulsions in China, Bardford has extensive industry experience and resources. In the future, Bardford will continue to provide partners with a complete set of product and service solutions, insist on serving customers and achieve customer success!




































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