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Walk with the times to help the industry win-win

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Walk with the times to help the industry win-win

(Summary description)——The 1st Badefu Coating Industry Economic Forum ended successfully on 6th November, hosted by Badfu Marketing and Service System The Economic Forum was grandly held in Suzhou, the beautiful coast of Taihu Lake. A good year, when orange yellow orange green.

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  • Time of issue:2019-11-14
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——The 1st Paint Industry Economic Forum ended successfully

Hosted by Badfu Marketing and Service System on November 6th, the first Badfu Industrial Coatings Economic Forum with the theme of "walking with the times and helping the industry win-win" was grandly held in the beautiful Taihu Lake-Suzhou.

A good year, when orange yellow orange green. The late autumn in Suzhou, the breeze is warm, the clear water is long, there are intoxicating fragrances everywhere, and the eyes are full of charming scenes. Tu Association leaders, industry elites, experts and scholars, as well as more than 400 representatives of outstanding entrepreneurs in the paint industry in East China were invited to attend this forum. The Yangtze River Delta region is not only an important engine for China's economic growth, but also a core gathering place for the Chinese paint industry. The first Industrial Economic Forum is a new attempt by Badefu to gain a win-win situation in the industry. The reason why it was chosen to be held in East China is to value the importance of the entire Yangtze River Delta region in the Chinese coatings industry.

Group photo of the first paint industry economic forum


Guest Introduction

Leaders attending this forum are: Mr. Zhou Wei, Vice President of the Badefu Group, Mr. Li Yizhong, Vice President, Mr. Chen Xianghui, Vice President, Mr. Li Chuanfu, Vice President, Mr. Zhang Xiaowu, General Manager of the Group’s Marketing and Service System, Mr. Liu Lei, Director of the Operations Management Department, Group Distinguished guests at this meeting are: Professor Jia Kang, vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, professor Yiyi Dai, a doctoral supervisor of the vice dean of the School of Management, Xiamen University, and Mr. Shi Qinglin, a senior expert from the paint industry with 30 years of experience . The conference also received strong support and participation from Shanghai Tu Association, Anhui Tu Association, Jiangsu Tu Association, and Zhejiang Tu Association.

The scene of the 1st Paint Industry Economic Forum


Opening Remarks

Mr. Zhou Wei, Vice President of Badefu Group

Mr. Zhou Wei, Vice President of BAdefu Group, addressed the forum. Mr. Zhou said that Badfu aims to open up the upstream and downstream ecosystems for the paint industry and contribute to the new development of the industry. Transformation and upgrading of the paint industry, reform and innovation are the choice of the times. As a key component of the coating system, technological innovation and leadership in the coating emulsion industry also directly help the industry gain an advantage in market competition. I hope that through this conference, we can help you understand Badefu deeply, and hope that Badefu can have more cooperation and exchanges with the East China coating industry. In the new period of historical opportunities and changes, we will work together to seek a win-win situation.

Bade Fu with the times

Mr. Chen Xianghui, Vice President of the Badefu Group


Mr. Chen Xianghui, Vice President of the Badefu Group, gave a speech at the conference on "Bad Fu with the Times". Mr. Chen introduced the current situation and trends of architectural coating emulsion industry chain as an entry point, and introduced Badefu's insight into the upstream and downstream trends of the industry in detail. Based on the research and judgment of industry development, Badefu actively responds, seizes opportunities, and constantly cultivates new growth points. Investing heavily in research and development and supply chain systems, while building hard core technology, build a rapid delivery radius and quality service team. In the future cooperation, Badfu will continue to make persistent efforts and work hard to create value for customers and the industry!


Macroeconomic Interpretation Industry Chain Analysis

Professor Jia Kang, vice chairman of the Chinese Finance Society, member of the CPPCC National Committee

"Analysis of Macroeconomic Situation and Investment Opportunities and Challenges of Enterprises"

Professor Dai Yiyi, PhD Supervisor, Vice Dean of School of Management, Xiamen University

"Macroeconomic Situation and Investment Strategy"——Based on the Perspective of Infrastructure and Real Estate Industry

Mr. Shi Qinglin, General Manager of Zhitao Planning Team

"2019 Change, Breakthrough, Reconstruction"


In recent years, both from the national policy level, economic environment and real estate, have had a very big impact on the paint industry. As an interdependent industry of upstream and downstream enterprises, the paint industry is constantly improving environmental protection standards and the real economy is facing multiple challenges. Following the trend and walking with the times is a major proposition for the entire industry. The purpose of this forum is to guide the development of the paint industry and to open up the upstream and downstream industry chains, to provide an opportunity for the industry to exchange and commit itself to win-win industrial cooperation.

The lineup of lecturers at the conference was star-studded, and Professor Jia Kang, a well-known economics expert and member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, and Professor Dai Yiyi, deputy dean of the School of Management of Xiamen University, who had rich practical experience in the real estate industry, respectively interpreted from the macroeconomic and real estate industry development trends The general direction of the future coatings industry market has shared a lot of dry goods for entrepreneurs in the coatings industry. Among them, Professor Jia takes the national supply-side reform as the main line, and recommends that entrepreneurs grasp the direction of China's modernization under the new changes and make a penetrating analysis of the company's investment channel path and challenge opportunities. Professor Dai gave an in-depth explanation of the current economic environment and investment strategy from the perspective of the infrastructure and real estate industry. The courses are rich in cases, novel in perspective, and humorous. The wonderful speeches of the two professors have a broad vision, and they are refreshing. In addition to the sharing of trends in the macro economy and the real estate industry, Mr. Shi Qinglin's "2019 Change, Breakthrough and Reconstruction" is also a highlight of this meeting. Mr. Shi explained the positive aspects from the change of the times to the breakthrough of the paint industry, and finally elaborated the new ideas of enterprise reconstruction and reform from the three dimensions of product, brand and management. There was constant applause at the venue, and the guests at the meeting expressed that the trip was worthwhile and benefited a lot!


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亭台楼阁,雕梁画栋,写不出苏州园林的淡雅别致;碧波荡漾,旷朗清澈, 道不尽江南水乡的秀美神韵!11月6日晚,金鸡湖畔、华灯初上,为迎接远道而来的嘉宾朋友,巴德富精心准备了一场美轮美奂的视听盛宴。




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