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The second lecture of the 20th Anniversary Gifts Series of Budfu was launched!

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The second lecture of the 20th Anniversary Gifts Series of Budfu was launched!

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Thanks for having you, and grateful colleagues!

The 20th Anniversary Lecture Series of BATF Lecture 2 "Exploration of Decoration Upgrade of Consumption Upgrade" is launched!

In the live broadcast room on April 24th, we invited Mr. Shi Qinglin, a senior expert in the paint industry. Teacher Shi first said that the intensifying economic warfare in 2019 will have a far-reaching impact on the coatings industry, and this year's new coronary pneumonia has triggered a global catastrophe, which has created a new post-epidemic business pattern. "Close the door to live a life" makes consumers' requirements for a better home environment more prominent, and the pursuit of exquisite life continues to increase.

The two main functions of paint are protection and decoration, which shows that we have also been in the industry of creating beauty. People who have experienced "the rest of the life" have a strong desire for a better life. The upgrade of consumption and the upgrade of aesthetics lead to the upgrade of decoration. How to grasp this trend is a new business opportunity that we painters need to seriously understand. The color of interior wall paint is similar to the fashion trend of clothing, which is increasingly diversified, personalized, and pursuing aesthetics. Exterior wall coatings follow nature, and stone-like, sand control and other coatings are popular. This is also the driving force behind the sales of interior wall art paint and exterior wall colorful paint. Finally, Mr. Shi emphasized that after experiencing the winter of the epidemic, the market demand has been awakened. I hope that our entrepreneurs in the paint industry will seize the market trend of consumption upgrades and achieve new highs in performance.

In response to the trend of decoration upgrades caused by consumption upgrades and aesthetic upgrades in the current market, Mr. Wei Rong, senior manager of the marketing and service system promotion department of BATF Group, and Mr. Wang Wenyi, senior engineer of the R&D center, respectively launched exterior colorful paint and interior art paint Special technical sharing.

With the theme of "Paint Research in Colorful World", Wei Gong gave a detailed account of the trend and market opportunities of colorful coatings on exterior walls from four aspects: colorful paint market analysis, formulation mechanism, common problems, and BATF colorful paint solutions. .

It is expected that the demand for the colorful coatings market in 2020 will increase by 50% year-on-year to 400,000 tons, with a market value exceeding 5 billion.

(Data source is internally analyzed by BATF, for reference only)

In addition to Budfu's classic RS-2788 and RS-3799A colorful emulsion combination, Wei Gong also solemnly introduced our latest RS-8599 two-in-one colorful emulsion. This product is synthesized by BATF polymerization control technology. By controlling the surface charge of latex particles and the distribution of polar hydrophobic segments, it is inert when mixed with protective rubber. It has excellent particle state and stability when used as a base paint. At the same time, its small particle size emulsion has excellent water white resistance, can be applied to continuous phase and basic paint, economic and convenient. Combined with BATF AC-482 colorful special protective glue to make your colorful paint more stable!

BATF solves the problem of colorful paint series from the bottom to the surface!

In the field of interior wall art coatings, Badge Wanggong said that home is a harbour where we live. Under the catalysis of aesthetic upgrading, ordinary interior latex paint can no longer fully satisfy people's personal pursuit of home life. The emergence of artistic paints makes up for the lack of latex paint in this direction. Although the capacity of the art coating market is relatively small at this stage, the growth rate is much higher than other coating categories. This shows that the hidden new business opportunities in the ascending "new blue ocean" of art paint.

Faced with such a vast art coating market, Budfu found that for a long time, most of the coating emulsions of art coatings were formulated with traditional architectural exterior coating emulsions. There are usually problems such as large odor, poor hand feel, and poor permeability. In response to market demand, the BATF R&D Center was the first to develop the RS-8630 anti-stick back artistic paint finish. The product adopts self-crosslinking technology, the paint film is dense and hard, and has good anti-sticking effect. Small particle size system, good permeability of emulsion and paint film. It also has excellent performances such as high thickening efficiency, excellent yellowing resistance, clean taste and environmental protection. It fills the vacancy of special emulsion for domestic art paint overlay, and provides high-quality solutions for the booming art paint market.

BATF will upgrade the decoration with you and enjoy the artistic life.

A series of lectures on the 20th Anniversary of BATF, to be continued!

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