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Solution for Interior Paints

Bardford is committed to the development, production and sales of architectural coating emulsions. Bardford is Asia's largest construction coating emulsion manufacturer. The emulsion products for interior wall coating mainly include: economical low-odor emulsion, net taste emulsion and a variety of net taste compound functional emulsion varieties, which can be used in interior wall latex paint, art paint, interior wall inorganic paint and other products. The emulsion products for exterior wall coating mainly include: exterior wall latex paint emulsion, real stone paint emulsion, texture paint emulsion, colorful stone-like paint emulsion and inorganic exterior wall paint emulsion, etc.


Solution for Exterior Coatings

After years of R&D and innovation, Badfu waterproof emulsion products have become the preferred supplier of major domestic waterproof coating companies, with annual emulsion sales ranking first in the country. The emulsion products for waterproof coating mainly include: JS waterproof emulsion, K11 waterproof emulsion, emulsified asphalt waterproof emulsion, one-component waterproof emulsion, metal roof waterproof emulsion, transparent waterproof emulsion, floor court waterproof emulsion, and a variety of special functions of ground solid wall It is composed of solid interface agent, ceramic tile back coating interface agent, stone back mesh adhesive and other products.


Solution for Waterproof Coatings

Industrial coatings are mainly used for the surface protection of metal objects. Among them, water-based industrial coating emulsions are one of the important development projects of Bardford. Bardford is committed to adopting innovative technologies to continuously optimize the performance of water-based industrial coatings and solve a variety of scenarios. The application problems of wood coatings and the improvement of long-term protection. Our products currently cover mild and moderate industrial coating emulsions for metal corrosion protection, waterborne wood coating emulsions, and emulsion requirements to meet a variety of special industrial coating products.


Solution for Waterborne Industrial Coatings

Badfu Special Emulsion is one of the company's continuous investment projects for many years. Its products have a variety of adhesives that can be used in pressure-sensitive adhesives and floor adhesive products; there are a variety of special functional emulsions that can be used in inks, painting materials, and digital inkjet coatings. , Wallpaper base film and other products; there are substrate modified emulsions can be used in air purification filter paper, glass fiber mesh modification and other products; and other special function emulsion products.

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