BATF was founded in 2000 in Shunde, Guangdong Province, when the real estate economy developed rapidly and the market demand for architectural coatings was huge. BATF was founded in the historical background that the domestic architectural coating market was being monopolized by international giants at that time, and many domestic coating enterprises were subject to the high price of imported emulsions.

Based on the market opportunity and the initial intention to change the status quo of the market, BATF set the goal of becoming "China's largest" and took the lead in developing and launching general purpose emulsion products, breaking the monopoly of international giants in the Chinese market and helping the cost of domestic products return to a reasonable range. In 2006, BATF became the No.1 in China market. After three years of strategic adjustment period, BATF got rid of the market sniping from international giants, rejected the acquisition proposal from internationl giants, and consolidated our position as the invisible champion in the field of architectural coating in 2009.



BATF Innovation R&D Center is the first company in China's emulsion industry to be awarded the CNAS Laboratory Accreditation Certificate.

  • R&D centers (Shunde, Shanghai)

    R&D centers (Shunde, Shanghai)

  • Major Testing Technology Departments

    Major Testing Technology Departments

  • Leading Product Technology Platforms

    Leading Product Technology Platforms

  • Specialized Laboratories

    Specialized Laboratories

  • Specialized Subject groups

    Specialized Subject groups


With 8 production bases in China and a total production  capacity of more than 2 million tons, BATF is the top 1 in Asia. The company makes full use of integrated supply chain ISC to precisely match customer demand, shorten supply radius and realize high-quality product delivery for both Chinese and overseas markets.


We continuously optimize our quality management system, promote quality information management,establish QMS quality information system, and implement allround monitoring andquality control from raw materials, production process to logistics and delivery to prevent inferior products from flowing to customers.


  • Self-developed


    We adhere to independent innovation, core advantages, and carry out scientific research cooperation.
  • Easy to control

    Easy to control

    We are committed to tech innovation and value leadership.

  • Energy conservation and environmental protection

    Energy conservation and environmental protection

    Practice double carbon, promote industry, and develop in a green and high-quality way.

  • Classic products

    Classic products

    Our designs are highly appreciated by customers and welcomed in the market.
  • Large supply chain

    Large supply chain

    Promote green and efficient production to reduce the transportation radius and implement reduction of non-essential activities.
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