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BATF Group Receives "2023 China Talent Management Excellence Award"

BATF Group Receives "2023 China Talent Management Excellence Award"

2024-01-08 17:41:38
From November 3rd to December 7th, the 2023 9th Future Talent Management Forum and China Talent Management Model Enterprise Awards Ceremony (HeRo Conference) with the theme "People-oriented, Efficiency-first" is grandly held. The event is currently being conducted in a "Nine-City Linkage" format across Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Qingdao, and Beijing.
Established in 2015, the HeRo Conference is now in its ninth edition, aiming to explore talent and organizational stories behind businesses' leapfrog development. It seeks to identify the value of Chinese HR by promoting the enhancement of talent management capabilities among domestic enterprises, making it a reputable and authoritative event in the field of human resources.
The China Talent Management Model Enterprise Award (HeRo Award) is a multidimensional, comprehensive award evaluated by authoritative experts in the field. This year, HeRo selected 36 outstanding model enterprises, 42 technology model enterprises, 30 cultural model enterprises, 43 innovation model enterprises, and 27 reform pioneer model enterprises from nearly 5000 companies.
As a leading enterprise in the water-based emulsion sector, BATF Group was invited to attend the HeRo Conference in Guangzhou. BATF Group's Chief Human Resources Officer (CHO) Yang Hong and the Director of Organization and Talent Development, Ling Zhi, attended the award ceremony.
At the 2023 China Talent Management Model Enterprise Awards Ceremony, BATF Group was honored with the "2023 China Talent Management Excellence Award" for its outstanding talent management capabilities. This highest award from HeRo is a strong affirmation of BATF Group's organizational innovation, transformative efforts, and high-level talent management.
Employees are the foundation of business development, and BATF Group has always considered talent as a core element and key driving force for the company's growth. Over the past 23 years, BATF Group has continuously adjusted its talent strategy to align with the company's development, building a comprehensive talent cultivation system with an international perspective and scientific thinking. This has resulted in a well-established talent management process, a digitalized HR management platform, and a talent structure model comprising "internal talent & industry elites & high-end professionals." BATF Group has succeeded in talent selection, utilization, cultivation, and retention, nurturing a group of "BATF warriors" who are brave and innovative.
To further enhance organizational management efficiency and drive talent development, BATF Group has closely followed the company's strategy, comprehensively upgrading and optimizing talent management. This year, the company successfully launched and implemented the 3A cadre model, providing a solid foundation for the effective operation of the company's cadre system. This not only reached a consensus within BATF Group but also effectively supported the revitalization of company resources, optimization of resource allocation, and acceleration of talent development.
Additionally, BATF Group empowers employees through talent standards, assessments, cadre evaluations, digital assessments, and talent profiles, enhancing self-awareness and supporting continuous improvement. The company consistently explores and cultivates high-potential cadre talents from its "talent reservoir," providing a continuous stream of talent support for the company's future development.
Talent determines the height of a company's success. Since its inception, BATF has considered talent as one of the core competitive advantages, creating a competitive, dynamic, and resilient talent strategic framework. In the future, BATF will continue to uphold its corporate mission of "seeking happiness for employees," adhere to the core values of "putting warriors first," and actively build a "talent engine" to continuously stimulate corporate vitality, enhance the overall strength of the group, and contribute to the steady and sustainable high-quality development of the enterprise.
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