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BATF Group Wins "Outstanding Raw Material Supplier" at the Golden Paint Award for the Fifth Consecutive Year

BATF Group Wins "Outstanding Raw Material Supplier" at the Golden Paint Award for the Fifth Consecutive Year

2024-05-30 15:10:06

On May 26th, the 15th Golden Paint Award Ceremony and 2024 China and Foreign Coatings Enterprises Distributors Summit, themed "Striving for Excellence and Strength through Innovation," was held with great fanfare in Shunde, Foshan, the hometown of China's coatings industry. Representatives from coatings, building materials, furniture, design industries, and nearly 300 attendees from coatings enterprises, research institutions, raw material enterprises, and distributors from all over the country participated in the event.


Golden Paint Award 


As a leading primer emulsion manufacturer in the field of water-based emulsions, BATF Group was honored with the "15th Golden Paint Award for Outstanding Raw Material Supplier" based on its strong comprehensive strength; Mr. Gong Yanglong, CEO of BATF Group, was named "Person of the Year" at the "15th Golden Paint Award."


15th Golden Paint Award for Outstanding Raw Material Supplier 

BATF Group awarded "15th Golden Paint Award for Outstanding Raw Material Supplier"

Person of the Year 

Mr. Gong Yanglong, CEO of BATF Group, honored as "Person of the Year" at the "15th Golden Paint Award"


  • Winning the Golden Paint Award for five consecutive years, the comprehensive strength is once again affirmed.


Known as the "Oscars of the coatings industry," the Golden Paint Award is an annual event in China's coatings industry. Since its inception in 2009, it has been successfully held for fifteen editions and has become a weathervane for the development of China's coatings industry. The Golden Paint Award adheres to the philosophy of "accumulating new kinetic energy, gathering positive energy, inheriting corporate classics, and creating brand legends," shaping and promoting outstanding brands, commending typical advances, setting industry benchmarks, gathering brand strength, and promoting the prosperity and development of China's coatings industry.


China's coatings industry 

As a very influential brand selection event in China's coatings industry, this year's 15th Golden Paint Award attracted more than 500 coatings enterprises and several outstanding individuals to compete. The one-month voting period had tens of millions of reads and broke through 7 million votes. The Golden Paint Award Organizing Committee adhered to the principles of "fairness, justice, openness, depth, and comprehensiveness," and finally selected four major categories of awards: individual awards, brand awards, enterprise awards, and single-item awards for recognition.


After fierce competition, BATF Group stood out and won the "Outstanding Raw Material Supplier" Golden Paint Award for five consecutive years. It is not only a strong testament to BATF's strong comprehensive strength but also a high recognition and affirmation from the industry.


  • Discussing the future of coatings and exploring new market opportunities together.


At the conference, Shi Qinglin, a corporate consultant and senior expert in the coatings industry from BATF Group, delivered a keynote speech titled "The Endless Involution, The Unique Awakening Where is the Way Out for Small and Medium-sized Coatings Enterprises in 2024?" He analyzed in detail the history of China's coatings development and said that the coatings industry has entered a pivotal point in the second half, which will show the pursuit of beauty, personality, experience, non-worship of foreign things, and involution, and the market will also shift to "selling services."


primer emusion manufacturer 


The main forum was hosted by Shi Qinglin, a corporate consultant and senior expert in the coatings industry from BATF Group. Ding Rui, General Manager of the South China Sales Center of BATF Group, and several entrepreneurs and industry experts participated in the discussion. The forum focused on "how to achieve high-quality development and how to build a new quality of productive forces" for interactive exchanges, comprehensively analyzed the current status and future development trends of China's coatings, and had a heated discussion on the new quality of productive forces, enhancement of enterprise competitiveness, and future development direction of enterprises. The guests expressed their opinions, and the golden sentences frequently appeared, resonating with the audience and pushing the atmosphere to a climax.


primer emusion manufacturer 


  • Vigorously develop new productive forces and help the industry achieve high-quality development.


As the largest supplier of architectural coatings water-based emulsions in Asia, BATF Group always insists on customer-centricity, earnestly practicing the corporate mission of "creating value for customers," adhering to the concept of green, environmental protection, and sustainable development, and is committed to promoting the transformation of oil to water in China's coatings industry. To this end, BATF Group takes innovation as the lead, continuously develops high-quality products that meet market demand, forming the company's unique competitiveness and becoming a leading enterprise in the industry's segmented field.


primer emusion manufacturer 


At present, as the world is undergoing profound changes unseen in a century, the market environment is complex and changeable, and the coatings industry has also entered a new cycle, with many enterprises undergoing strategic transformation and looking for new growth drivers. BATF Group keeps pace with the times, follows the trend, and while ensuring the leading position in the construction paint emulsion market, it enters new fields, continues to increase R&D investment, gathers industry elites to form a technical team, and fully promotes new business segments, creating a second growth curve for enterprise development with new productive forces.


In the new era, there are new opportunities. BATF Group will continue to leverage its innovative advantages, focus on cutting-edge R&D and innovation in the field of technology, study diligently, and forge ahead, using high-quality products and services to continue creating value for customers and jointly promote the high-quality development of China's coatings industry.

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