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New Trends, New Future | BATF Group Supports the 2024 China International Coatings Summit

New Trends, New Future | BATF Group Supports the 2024 China International Coatings Summit

2024-05-30 14:48:26
From March 26th to 28th, the 2024 China International Coatings Summit, themed "Promoting Stability through Progress, Enhancing Quality and Efficiency, and Breaking through with Determination," was grandly held in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. The conference was guided by the People's Government of Zhengzhou and hosted by the China Coatings Industry Association, the Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, and the People's Government of Gongyi. It attracted thousands of attendees, including leaders from relevant national ministries and commissions, experts, academicians, heads of local governments and industrial parks, producers of architectural and industrial coatings, pigments, and raw materials, equipment manufacturing companies, coating and painting enterprises and dealers, as well as associations from the coatings industry chain, related universities, research institutions, and media.

China International Coatings Conference
The China International Coatings Conference, established in 2018, has been successfully held for six consecutive editions and is the largest and most authoritative conference in the architectural and industrial coatings and related industries. It provides authoritative interpretations of the latest industry policies, in-depth insights into the global coatings market, and in-depth analysis of the industry's economic operations. It also facilitates discussions on industry transformation and upgrading and shares sustainable development strategies for enterprises.

BATF Serving Water-based Industrial Coatings
BATF Group, as a co-organizer and prominent player in the architectural and industrial coatings sector, attended the 2024 China Coatings Conference. Dr. Shu Shuji, General Manager of BATF Group's Innovation and Research Center and Dean of the Shanghai Innovation Research Institute, delivered a keynote speech titled "The Innovative Path of BATF Serving Water-based Industrial Coatings." He provided a detailed analysis of the global situation and future development trends of architectural and industrial coatings, stating that water-based industrial coatings face significant opportunities such as "environmental protection drive, import substitution, cost reduction and efficiency increase, and international cooperation," as well as challenges like "technical bottlenecks and performance optimization, construction issues, cost control, and market competition." He emphasized that "low carbon" is a future development trend and that the entire chain from raw materials to applications should follow a low-carbon route, providing customers with products that offer higher performance, efficiency, and health and environmental protection.

water-based industrial sector
BATF Group has acted in accordance with the trend, strengthening the layout of the water-based industrial emulsion market. It has increased R&D investment in the water-based industrial sector, including R&D personnel, equipment, and digital R&D layout, providing strong support for the development of the water-based industrial sector. In addition, Dr. Shu highlighted BATF's innovative products in water-based industrial coatings, including the industry's first ultra-high solid content acrylic emulsion and water-based one-component epoxy dispersion, and stated that in the future, it will provide customers with comprehensive water-based solutions in the industrial field.

architectural and industrial coatings
The global market for architectural and industrial coatings is projected to exceed 100 billion US dollars by 2030. With the domestic market far from saturated, there is substantial room for growth. Statistics show that the top ten industrial coatings companies in China only account for a total market share of 13.19%, with a very low market concentration, dominated by foreign brands.
Industrial coatings, as a pillar of the coatings industry, bear the future of China's industrial development. In recent years, the country has continued to promote the good news of new industrialization and has proposed to promote the high-end, intelligent, and green development of manufacturing. The market for architectural and industrial coatings has always shown a continuous and stable growth trend, providing BATF with ample opportunities in the field of water-based industrial emulsions.
In the future, BATF Group will fully leverage the water-based industrial emulsion market and promote the "water-based" process of architectural and industrial coatings. At the same time, it will continue to adhere to the corporate mission of "creating value for customers," continuously meeting the growing market demand through technological innovation and product iteration, and strive to be a leader in the niche field of water-based industrial emulsions.
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