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BATF Shanghai Innovation Research Institute Launch Ceremony: Uniting Talents, Creating the Future

BATF Shanghai Innovation Research Institute Launch Ceremony: Uniting Talents, Creating the Future

2024-01-15 17:15:56

On November 14th, the launch ceremony of BATF Shanghai Innovation Research Institute, themed "Uniting Talents, Creating the Future," was held with simplicity and grandeur. Mr. Liu Pujun, President of the China Coatings Industry Association; Mr. Chen Bing, President of the Guangdong Coatings Industry Association; Mr. Shen Chunlin, Executive Director of the Suzhou Waterproof Research Institute of China National Building Materials Group; Mr. Yan Yongjiang, Former Director of the Ocean Chemical Research Institute; Mr. Wang Xuezheng, Mayor of Wujing Town, Minhang District, Shanghai; Ms. Liu Wenjuan, Deputy Director of the Economic Committee of Minhang District, Shanghai; Ms. Li Junxia, Deputy Mayor of Wujing Town, Minhang District; Mr. Gong Yanglong, CEO of BATF Group; Mr. Li Yizhong, Chairman of the Supervisory Board; Mr. Zhou Wei, COO; and Mr. Shu Shujun, General Manager of Innovation R&D Center and Director of Shanghai Innovation Research Institute, were among the leaders who attended, collectively witnessing this milestone moment.


Opening the ceremony, Mr. Gong Yanglong, CEO of BATF Group, expressed sincere gratitude to the strong support from various levels of government, industrial parks, associations, and the assistance from all sectors. He highlighted Shanghai's significance in BATF's history, serving as the company's first bridgehead when it established a factory in the city 20 years ago, marking BATF's expansion beyond Guangdong. With the unwavering commitment to innovation, the second innovation and research center in Shanghai is expected to provide a robust impetus for BATF's product innovation, customer service, industrial upgrading, and high-quality development transformation.



Mr. Gong Yanglong, CEO of BATF Group, delivering the opening speech


In his address, Mr. Liu Pujun, President of the China Coatings Industry Association, outlined the current development status of the coatings industry. He emphasized that the key to promoting high-quality industry development lies in technological innovation, especially in the innovation of core materials such as synthetic resin emulsions. Recognizing BATF as a leading enterprise in the production of these materials, Mr. Liu commended BATF's continuous investment in scientific innovation. He believed that the launch of BATF Shanghai Innovation Research Institute would further contribute to the industry's growth through scientific innovation and talent gathering, wishing BATF a brighter future.



Mr. Liu Pujun, President of the China Coatings Industry Association, delivering a speech


A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held, marking the official launch of
BATF Shanghai Innovation Research Institute and symbolizing the establishment of a "South China + East China" dual research and development center model. This move is expected to elevate BATF's research and development capabilities and innovation levels in the field of waterborne coatings.



Ribbon-cutting ceremony


Subsequently, Mr. Shu Shujun, Director of
BATF Shanghai Innovation Research Institute, unveiled the institute's plan. He provided detailed insights into the vision, mission, positioning, research and development directions, layout, and development plans, stating that the Shanghai Innovation Research Institute would be market-driven, powered by technological innovation, grounded in talent cultivation, and supported by collaborative efforts between industry, academia, and research. With a focus on foundational and applied research of waterborne coating resins and emulsions, the institute aims to be a leader in the domestic and international coatings raw material field. The four key positioning principles are "Fast Service, Talent Gathering, Platform Construction, Future Exploration," making it BATF Group's innovation engine.



Mr. Shu Shujun, Director of BATF Shanghai Innovation Research Institute, unveiling the institute's plan


Following the launch ceremony, attendees visited
BATF Shanghai Innovation Research Institute on-site, gaining deeper insights into BATF's innovative technological platform.



Visit to BATF Shanghai Innovation Research Institute


Uniting Talents, Enhancing Comprehensive Innovation and Development Strength


The establishment of the second innovation and research center in Shanghai is a crucial step in BATF's strategic implementation. BATF Shanghai Innovation Research Institute, along with the group's headquarters innovation and research center and regional research laboratories, will form the comprehensive research and development system for BATF. It will also provide faster and more convenient technical support and services for BATF's customers in East China and North China.


BATF Shanghai Innovation Research Institute


Shanghai, as a significant hub for global scientific and technological innovation, is renowned for attracting top talents worldwide. Leveraging the strong talent pool in Shanghai,
BATF aims to create a world-class innovation team dedicated to future-oriented research and development. This includes research in high-performance materials, environmental protection technologies, and digital technology innovations, aiming to provide customers with more innovative products and high-quality solutions.


BATF Shanghai Innovation Research Institute will also leverage the excellent educational resources and business advantages in East China to promote cooperation with strategic clients, suppliers, and universities in the region. It aims to establish a "production, learning, research" exchange platform for BATF in East China, accelerating the incubation and application of new technologies. Furthermore, the institute will actively strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, engaging in extensive technological innovation and experience sharing with global peers to continuously enhance BATF's competitiveness on the international stage.


Creating the Future, Leading Global Waterborne Coating Development


Founded in 2000, BATF Group has, after 23 years of steady development, evolved into a national high-tech enterprise with "1 headquarters + 8 major production bases + 2 innovation and research centers." Sustained innovation is the key to ensuring the longevity of an enterprise, and BATF has consistently implemented a technological innovation strategy, nurturing core technologies with independent intellectual property rights, and leading the global development of waterborne coatings.




The completion of BATF Shanghai Innovation Research Institute comprehensively enhances BATF's research and development network, supporting the company in focusing on the research and development of future technologies. It will further elevate the company's core competitiveness. In the future, BATF will continue to adhere to the development philosophy of "powered by technological innovation, based on high-quality products, guided by customer needs." With a full play of its research and development capabilities, BATF will drive innovative development, comprehensively improve product and service quality, meet the evolving demands of domestic and international markets, and jointly create a more prosperous and secure living environment.


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