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BATF Supports the 2023 China Coatings Industry Summit and Receives Recognition as a High-Quality Supplier

BATF Supports the 2023 China Coatings Industry Summit and Receives Recognition as a High-Quality Supplier

2024-01-15 17:03:27

From November 13th to 14th, the 2023 China Coatings Industry Summit, themed "Gathering Momentum to Unlock New Coating Wisdom," was successfully held at the Green Land Holiday Hotel in Pudong, Shanghai. Organized by Maihuasuhu and Huizheng Information, the event brought together national coatings enterprises, distributors, real estate companies, shipbuilders, automotive manufacturers, home appliance producers, coating application units, construction units, coating raw material suppliers, and intelligent manufacturing equipment vendors. BATF, as a supporting unit, was invited to attend and delivered a keynote speech.




The summit adopted an interactive seminar format, combining main sessions, sub-sessions, and salons to explore innovative pathways for the development of the Chinese coatings industry. The aim was to promote the development of new materials, technologies, and applications, facilitate the integration of industry resources, and contribute to the healthy development of a new ecological environment for the industry.

The China Coatings Industry Summit, established in 2004, has now entered its nineteenth year. Serving as a premier event in the industry, it provides a platform for communication between upstream and downstream players, showcasing outstanding enterprises, discovering innovative products, commending inventive engineers, and discussing new paths for industry development. The summit has gained significant attention, becoming one of the most influential and valuable events in the industry.


1. Leading Industry Benchmark and Recognized as a High-Quality Supplier


On November 13th, the summit hosted the awards ceremony for the 2023 Coatings Industry Excellent Supplier recommendation activity. BATF Group was honored with the title of "2023 Coatings Industry Resin Emulsion Excellent Supplier," reaffirming its leading position in the industry as a benchmark and exemplary enterprise.




BATF is the largest supplier of waterborne emulsions for architectural coatings in Asia. In 2020, its production exceeded one million tons, securing its position as the top producer in Asia. In 2021, production surpassed 1.3 million tons, with sales exceeding ten billion RMB. Notably, BATF Group consistently promotes development through technological innovation. It has provided high-quality products and services to over 10,000 coating enterprises and established strategic partnerships with numerous well-known domestic companies. The recognition as a high-quality supplier is a powerful testament to the industry's high regard for BATF's products and services.


2. Building the Entire Industry Chain, Achieving a High-Quality Future


On November 14th, at the Industrial Coatings sub-session, Wei Shiyuan, Senior Manager of Product R&D and Management at BATF's Waterborne Industrial Business Unit, delivered a keynote speech titled "Building the Entire Industry Chain Model, Achieving a High-Quality Future." The presentation analyzed the regional layout and waterborne development trends in the industrial coatings sector, providing detailed insights into BATF's industrial product line layout and the entire industry chain model.




In recent years, BATF Group has made comprehensive efforts in the waterborne industrial emulsion market, focusing on the research and sales of waterborne coating emulsions and resins. It is dedicated to establishing itself as a leading brand across the entire waterborne industrial emulsion product line. Currently, BATF's series of products for industrial waterborne applications cover a variety of raw materials, including waterborne acrylic emulsions, waterborne alkyd resins, waterborne polyurethane dispersions, and waterborne epoxy emulsions. These products find applications in various fields such as general steel structures, containers, rail transportation, petrochemicals, engineering machinery, wind power, bridges, ships, waterborne wood coatings, fire-resistant coatings, and waterborne floor coatings.




As a leading enterprise in the waterborne emulsion field, BATF has established a market supply layout with "1 purchasing center & 8 major production bases." It has created a comprehensive industry chain system covering procurement management, digital systems, manufacturing technology, and product transportation. Simultaneously, BATF focuses on providing professional logistics delivery, boasting robust logistics capabilities exceeding 100,000 and efficient warehousing throughput capabilities exceeding 100,000, achieving full information coverage of the supply chain to deliver high-quality products and services to customers.


In the future, BATF will persistently prioritize customer-centric principles, continue leveraging the advantages of its entire industry chain supply network, enhance product and service quality comprehensively, and ensure high-quality delivery. Together with its customers, BATF aims to drive the industry towards high-quality development.

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