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Great News: BATF Group Makes a Mark on the 2023 Shunde "Double Hundred" List

Great News: BATF Group Makes a Mark on the 2023 Shunde "Double Hundred" List

2024-01-26 15:54:34

On October 18th, the grand ceremony for the "2023 Shunde Top 100 Enterprises Award" and the 10th-anniversary celebration of the Shunde Enterprise Federation and Shunde Entrepreneurs Association, themed "Joining Hands for Development, Creating the Future Together," was held in Foshan, Guangdong. The event, hosted by the Shunde Enterprise Federation and the Shunde Entrepreneurs Association, unveiled the "2023 Shunde Top 100 Enterprises" and "Top 100 Private Manufacturing Enterprises in Shunde," showcasing the economic strength, vitality, and potential of Shunde.




The "Top 100" list is based on the 2022 annual revenue of enterprises. The total revenue of the top 100 enterprises in Shunde reached 1.35 trillion yuan, with 2 companies exceeding the trillion-yuan mark and 14 companies exceeding the billion-yuan mark. This highlights Shunde's economic prowess. Notably, manufacturing constitutes 78% of the 2023 Shunde Top 100 Enterprises, emphasizing Shunde's economic characteristic of being manufacturing-oriented and showcasing the vitality of the manufacturing sector.




BATF Group, with robust comprehensive strength, proudly secured the 16th position in the "2023 Shunde Top 100 Enterprises" and achieved the 8th position in the "2023 Shunde Top 100 Private Manufacturing Enterprises." BATF Group's COO, Mr. Zhou Wei, attended the conference and participated in the award ceremony.



Award ceremony for the "2023 Shunde Top 100 Enterprises"



Award ceremony for the "2023 Shunde Top 100 Private Manufacturing Enterprises"


For two consecutive years, BATF Group has earned a place on the Shunde "Double Hundred" list, serving as a robust testament to its formidable comprehensive strength. Established in Shunde, Guangdong, in 2000, BATF expanded nationwide from its base in Shunde, breaking the monopoly of international giants in the Chinese market and securing the top spot in the Chinese market in its first decade. In the second decade, BATF transitioned from "expanding" to "strengthening," achieving a nationwide industrial layout of "1 + 2 + 8." Through autonomous transformation and continuous enhancement of core competitiveness, the company steadily advances on the path of high-quality development.


Today, BATF is not only a leading enterprise in the waterborne emulsion sector but also the largest integrated waterborne emulsion enterprise in Asia, leading the way in the development of waterborne coatings. With a production breakthrough of over 1 million tons in 2020 and surpassing 130 million tons in 2021, BATF is currently making a sprint towards the world's leading position. As a local private manufacturing enterprise in Shunde, BATF emanates from Shunde, spans across China, and ventures globally, embodying the entrepreneurial spirit of Shunde and shining as a hallmark of "Shunde Manufacturing."


In the future, BATF will continue to be driven by technological innovation, deepen reforms, strengthen its foundation, enhance overall corporate strength, and strive towards building a world-class enterprise. The company aims to contribute to the high-quality development of the Shunde economy.

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